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Here you can play 70 puzzle games.

In the puzzle games category you will find games where you have to arrange pieces, extra or missing elements, calculations and many more games where you can use your logic and react promptly. The games in the Puzzle and logic games category are organized by the date they were added to the site.

 Free online games: Food TripletsFood Triplets
31823 hits
Try this great puzzle game. The goal is to arrange three delicious meals of the same kind and they will disappear. The more foods you remove
 Free online games: Just SudokuJust Sudoku
5622 hits
The goal of the game is to fill in the numbers from 1 to 9 in the cells of the grid. You can Choose between a few levels of difficulty with
 Free online games: The Last JewelsThe Last Jewels
29693 hits
This is a puzzle game with jewels. Try to arrange three jewels of the same kind next to each other and they will disappear. The goal is to r
 Free online games: Mind the bloxMind the blox
59790 hits
Mind the blox is an exciting game in which your aim is to clear all the blocks on the screen and get all the keys in the bottom row. You can
 Free online games: 3D Chess3D Chess
6044 hits
Are you good at chess? Test your skills on this 3D chessboard. Can you beat the computer? Good luck!
 Free online games: Fantastic Mr FoxFantastic Mr Fox
8856 hits
Arrange the picture of the Fantastic Mr. Fox. Slide the pieces until you put in order the illustration of Mr. Fox sneaking out in the night.
 Free online games: Original SudokuOriginal Sudoku
5599 hits
This is a classical version of the popular game of logic Sudoku. You have to fill in the empty fields with the numbers form 1 to 9. You can
 Free online games: Christmas Tree LightsChristmas Tree Lights
18497 hits
Connect all the wires and light bulbs in order to light the Christmas tree. Rotate them by clicking with the mouse.
 Free online games: Zuma-Marble ballsZuma-Marble balls
89475 hits
Another version of the classic Zuma game, but this time with marble balls and more levels. To restart the game refresh the window. Have fun
 Free online games: Sea Jewels Hooks GoldSea Jewels Hooks Gold
61304 hits
In this game you have to arrange the sea jewels so that there are three or more in a row or column. The faster you find the matching jewels
 Free online games: Another MahjonggAnother Mahjongg
52821 hits
Play another version of this classical puzzle game. You can choose from a few levels of difficulty.
 Free online games: Jessica Alba PuzzleJessica Alba Puzzle
7843 hits
Arrange the Jessica Alba puzzle. In order to go to the second picture click T + the left mouse button.
 Free online games: H2O Puzzle - MermaidsH2O Puzzle - Mermaids
12229 hits
Emma, Cleo and Ricky - two-sided online puzzle. Arrange the puzzle with the mermaids on the beach. Press T + the left mouse button to turn t
 Free online games: H2O PuzzleH2O Puzzle
17174 hits
Arrange the picture of the beautiful girls and the dolphin in the swimming pool.
 Free online games: H2O MermaidsH2O Mermaids
77832 hits
A great puzzle with the mermaids Emma, Ricky and Cleo. Slide the squires to arrange the picture.
 Free online games: Egypt Puzzle Egypt Puzzle
35944 hits
Solve the puzzle and discover the secret of the Pharaoh!
 Free online games: ZumaZuma
78257 hits
In this classical game you need to clear the balls by shooting and arranging three or more balls next to each other.
 Free online games: Mah-jongMah-jong
20184 hits
A brand new Mah-jong with over 120 unique layouts and amazing graphic quality.
 Free online games: Rome PuzzleRome Puzzle
38967 hits
This is a unique combination between a puzzle and town management.
 Free online games: LinesLines
9588 hits
Click on 2 matching tiles, connected with less than 4 lines to remove them. You play by clicking on two tiles with the mouse.
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