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Free flash games - Bounce to HeavenBounce to Heaven
3347 hits
Help this angel get back to Heaven. Jump from star to star, collect bonuses and maybe you will manage to touch the Moon.
Free flash games - Sea CleanerSea Cleaner
5501 hits
You are a diver and your task is to clean the sea by collecting the garbage thrown in it. Move with the arrow keys and watch out for the fis
Free flash games - Toto’s SnowmanToto’s Snowman
3013 hits
The cute little dog Toto is collecting magic snowflakes with which he will make a snowman at end of the last fourth level of the game. Help
Free flash games - Eat moreEat more
3798 hits
This game is a remake of the classical Snake. Eat all the food and avoid the obstacles. You have full control of the snake with the arrow ke
Free flash games - Jump Mario 3Jump Mario 3
5371 hits
Up and up he goes. Help Super Mario collect as many stars as possible and watch out not fall off the screen.
Free flash games - Eruption DisruptionEruption Disruption
3465 hits
You are an airplane pilot and have to fly over an erupting volcano. There are ash clouds all over the place. You have to avoid the clouds be
Free flash games - Coal express 2Coal express 2
4559 hits
You are the driver of a freight train. Load all the trunks at the railway station and take them to the next stop but watch out not to lose t
Free flash games - Flash Sonic originalFlash Sonic original
8810 hits
This is the original Sonic. Collect all gold coins and complete the level by avoiding the enemies.
Free flash games - FairyFairy
14560 hits
This game is an epic battle between good and evil. The forest wizard counts on the fairies to protect the kingdom form the evil witch. But t
Free flash games - Frod The FrogFrod The Frog
11697 hits
Frod the Frog is in love and is going to meet his beloved but the way is hard. Help Frod jump on the islands and leaves. After each accurate
Free flash games - Flash SonicFlash Sonic
7711 hits
Sonic is back! Collect all gold coins and avoid your enemies to complete the level. Enjoy the fastest online game ever!
Free flash games - World Of ConfusionWorld Of Confusion
6998 hits
Enjoy this addictive game in which your goal is to complete the 15 levels of chaos. Guide your hero through this world of confusion and keep
Free flash games - Bug PatrolBug Patrol
4023 hits
It’s springtime. The flowers are in bloom but are attacked by bugs. Your task is to protect the flowers form the bugs. Use the spray to ki
Free flash games - Ball In TroublesBall In Troubles
6486 hits
Try to collect all stars on your way and reach the exit. It seems easy? Give it a try.
Free flash games - Air TyperAir Typer
3744 hits
Air Typer is one cool game! It is a fun game to learn to write and read!
Free flash games - PacmaFightPacmaFight
7374 hits
Reveal the secrets of marshal arts with pacmaninja. You have to fight ruthlessly with the clan of ghosts, save your country and keep world h
Free flash games - PacxonPacxon
13839 hits
An amazing mix of the classical arcade game Pacman and Qix! Try to fill in the fields by moving pacman, but don’t let the ghosts catch you
Free flash games - The original Pac-manThe original Pac-man
16491 hits
We all know how to play the original Pac-man game. Eat all the dots and be careful not to get eaten by the ghosts.
Free flash games - BoxesBoxes
3672 hits
Move the boxes in the places marked by rectangles. Do you think it’s easy? Give it a try! Play with the arrow keys.
Free flash games - Pacman 2Pacman 2
21475 hits
A version of the classic Pac-man game. Eat all the dots to reach the next level and watch out not to be caught by the ghosts!
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