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Free flash games - Super MarioSuper Mario
46753 hits
The classical version of the Super Mario game. Help Super Mario get to the other end of the world. Watch out for the evil creatures and carn
Free flash games - Super Mario’s AdventuresSuper Mario’s Adventures
12714 hits
Guide Super Mario through the different levels of the world. Watch out for the dangerous creatures. The more coins you collect, the better
Free flash games - Super Mario World 1Super Mario World 1
8351 hits
Help Super Mario go all the way. Watch out not fall or get eaten. Collect as many bonuses as possible.
Free flash games - Yeti sportsYeti sports
4084 hits
Transport the penguin as far as possible. Click with the left mouse button to throw the penguin to the albatrosses. Your aim is for one of t
Free flash games - Archie the FishArchie the Fish
6478 hits
Help Archie the Fish shoot simultaneously as many colourful balls as possible. The les shots you use, the bigger bonuses you get. How to pl
Free flash games - Tech workerTech worker
4576 hits
Help the tech worker cross the street, watch out for the trucks of tech companies, which don’t care if they’ll run over and crush you. U
Free flash games - LogrunnerLogrunner
8051 hits
Cross the river to get food and drink. Try to gather all objects and watch out for the bear! When you get an item go back to your riverbank.
Free flash games - Insane OrbInsane Orb
1980 hits
This is one of the best games of all time, the idea for which dates back to 1972 when the first classical pong was created. Insane Orb is a
Free flash games - ApplesApples
5568 hits
Help Granny collect the apples. Catch the fruits in the basket by just moving your mouse left and right, but be careful not to drop them bec
Free flash games - Dr. Strangegutt and the DoughnutsDr. Strangegutt and the Doughnuts
1876 hits
Help Dr. Strangegutt destroy the deadly doughnuts.
Free flash games - Remote controlRemote control
8571 hits
Watch television secretly. Use the remote control to switch the channels and be careful your father not to catch you.
Free flash games - Hit the beaverHit the beaver
4837 hits
The annoying beaver has dug channels in your garden. You are angry, but the beaver is fast. Catch him when he peeps out of a hole and hit hi
Free flash games - AngelAngel
10797 hits
Guide your angel through all obstacles and collect the maximum number of bonus points.
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