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Here you can play 130 adventure games from Big Fish.

Get ready for exciting journeys, thrilling escapades and mind-boggling puzzles with the Adventure games from Big Fish. Enjoy the diverse collection of fun and challenging free online adventures and immerse yourself in a world of ancient mysteries, strange creatures and colorful characters.

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 Free online games - game: Masonic Mystery Masonic Mystery
667 hits
Solve a Masonic Mystery and escape! Find valuable items and piece together your
 Free online games - game: Adventures of Robinson Crusoe Adventures of Robinson Crusoe
1015 hits
Inspired by Daniel Defoe`s classic masterpiece, Adventures of Robinson Crusoe is
 Free online games - game: Orc Slayer Orc Slayer
403 hits
Become the Orc Slayer and destroy your enemies as you run across the plains!
 Free online games - game: The Lost Kingdom Prophecy The Lost Kingdom Prophecy
951 hits
Help Serena save the Kingdom of Rosefal and keep the dreaded Prophecy from happe
 Free online games - game: LandGrabbers LandGrabbers
505 hits
Use your powerful army to conquer the world in Land Grabbers, a fun Strategy gam
 Free online games - game: Lamp of Aladdin Lamp of Aladdin
1046 hits
Finding yourself in a real fairytale is every child's dream - a chance to feel t
 Free online games - game: Natalie Brooks: The Treasures of Lost Kingdom Natalie Brooks: The Treasures of Lost Kingdom
914 hits
Famous teenage detective Natalie Brooks is back in an all-new adventure! In Sec
 Free online games - game: Boulder Dash-Pirate’s Quest Boulder Dash-Pirate’s Quest
715 hits
Help Crystal and Rockford recover their great, great, great grandfather’s pira
 Free online games - game: The Brave Hussar The Brave Hussar
426 hits
Go on a journey with The Brave Hussar in this fun and exciting Action & Arcade g
 Free online games - game: Golden Trails: The New Western Rush Golden Trails: The New Western Rush
1006 hits
Saddle up for fun and become a sheriff in Golden Trails: The New Western Rush. U
 Free online games - game: Youda Survivor 2 Youda Survivor 2
623 hits
Go back to the island where it all began and start a Time Management adventure t
 Free online games - game: Miracles Miracles
636 hits
Play the role of an outcast magician determined to prove herself worthy in Mirac
 Free online games - game: The Magician's Handbook II: Blacklore The Magician's Handbook II: Blacklore
860 hits
Return to a world of magic and mystery and use the enchanted Magician`s Handbook
 Free online games - game: Regrowth Regrowth
517 hits
Help Mr. Seed save his home and the beautiful forest in this wonderful Adventure
 Free online games - game: Treasure Seekers: Follow the Ghosts Treasure Seekers: Follow the Ghosts
1212 hits
Jump into an exciting adventure as you help Nelly and Tom free some unlucky ghos
 Free online games - game: Panda's Big Adventure Panda's Big Adventure
514 hits
Help Panda repair his Time Machine and make it home in Panda’s Big Adventure!
 Free online games - game: Mystery Masterpiece: The Moonstone Mystery Masterpiece: The Moonstone
1180 hits
An ancient and priceless piece of jewelry, the Moonstone, has been stolen, and i
 Free online games - game: My Kingdom for the Princess II My Kingdom for the Princess II
774 hits
Help Arthur clear the land, stop invaders, and work with magical beings to save
 Free online games - game: Azada: Ancient Magic Azada: Ancient Magic
610 hits
Big Fish Games Studios summons you back to the deep mystery and magic of Azada.
 Free online games - game: Mustache Warrior Mustache Warrior
479 hits
Become the infamous Mustache Warrior and use a bow and arrow to shoot down the h
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