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 Free online games - game: GemCraft GemCraft
539 hits
Deep in the Eastern mountains, an evil wizard has summoned hordes of monsters to
 Free online games - game: Maze Stopper 2 Maze Stopper 2
489 hits
Get your guy to the flag first! Build an obstacle course that lures your opponen
 Free online games - game: Chocolatier 2: Secret Ingredients Chocolatier 2: Secret Ingredients
531 hits
The delicious world of chocolate is once again turned on its side, this time by
 Free online games - game: Globs Globs
569 hits
Looking for a colorful challenge? Connect the Globs and make them all the same c
 Free online games - game: Maze Stopper Maze Stopper
490 hits
Lookout! The little man wants to steal your flag. Be the Maze Stopper in this on
 Free online games - game: A Good Hunch A Good Hunch
452 hits
Playful goats Harvey and Tina need to work together to complete their journey th
 Free online games - game: Coffee Tycoon Coffee Tycoon
517 hits
Coffee Tycoon lets gamers build a coffee empire. Starting fresh with one store,
 Free online games - game: Virtual Villagers: A New Home Virtual Villagers: A New Home
829 hits
These poor villagers washed up on shore after surviving a horrific volcanic erup
 Free online games - game: Virtual Villagers: The Lost Children Virtual Villagers: The Lost Children
587 hits
Continue the epic story of the castaways of Isola in Virtual Villagers: The Lost
 Free online games - game: Chocolatier Chocolatier
501 hits
Oh the gloriously rich and delectable life of a chocolatier! Constantly surround
 Free online games - game: Cradle of Rome Cradle of Rome
680 hits
1st Runner-Up Best Puzzle Game of 2007 Build the heart of the Ancient Roman Empi
 Free online games - game: Cinema Tycoon Cinema Tycoon
623 hits
Do you have what it takes to become a Cinema Tycoon? Find out in this exciting a
 Free online games - game: Fish Tycoon Fish Tycoon
609 hits
In this fish-breeding simulation game, you're in charge of a real-time virtual f
 Free online games - game: Tradewinds Legends Tradewinds Legends
812 hits
Get carried away in this latest installment in the acclaimed Tradewindsâ„¢ Serie
 Free online games - game: Westward Westward
759 hits
Gold is there for the taking. Bandits lurk around every turn. Where is this wild
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