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games - Treasure Seekers: Lost Jewels - flash games Treasure Seekers: Lost Jewels
40 hits
Treasure Seekers: Lost Jewels is new finding game by thegamerstop. I need h

games - Path to Treasures - flash games Path to Treasures
86 hits
Ancient Figurine: Path to Treasures is new nodownload missing things game b

games - Mysteries Of Old Stable - flash games Mysteries Of Old Stable
302 hits
Mysteries Of Old Stable is new collecting game for you. We hope you are cra

games - Treasure Seekers: Dungeon Map - flash games Treasure Seekers: Dungeon Map
354 hits
Treasure Seekers 2 Dungeon Map is new find it game by thegamerstop. Now tha

games - Lost Photos - flash games Lost Photos
347 hits
Mystery Trackers: Lost Photos is new seek and find game by tgs_dev. I am Vi

games - Detective Files 3 - flash games Detective Files 3
308 hits
Detective Files 3: Strange New World is great mystery game by tgs_dev. Help

games - Detective Files 2 - flash games Detective Files 2
467 hits
Detective Files 2: Doors, Keys and Portals is new mystery game by thegamers

games -  Detective Files - flash games Detective Files
595 hits
Detective Files: An Unusual Beginning is free picture search game by tgs_de

games - Hiddenmania Two - flash games Hiddenmania Two
650 hits
Hiddenmania Two is second episode of hiddenmania series. There are two diff

games - Hiddenmania One - flash games Hiddenmania One
557 hits
Hiddenmania One is new lost items game by cengizturk. There are two differe

games - Vintage Objects Collection - flash games Vintage Objects Collection
501 hits
Vintage Objects Collection is different hidden game by gamefalls. Put into

games - Cute Animals Hidden Objects - flash games Cute Animals Hidden Objects
508 hits
Cute Animals Hidden Objects is our new hidden game. Amongst the objects bei

games - Nice Places Hidden Objects - flash games Nice Places Hidden Objects
678 hits
Nice Places Hidden Objects is our new hidden game. Amongst the objects bein

games - Rock On - flash games Rock On
329 hits
Rock On Hidden Objects is cute seek and find game by GirlsGoGames. Get read

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Games - The heritage - free online gamesThe heritage
693853 hits
A few days ago you received a letter in which the lawyer informed you that

Games - Find It - free online gamesFind It
636188 hits
You are going on a vacation but haven’t packed your bags yet. Find all the

Games - Hidden Object House-1 - free online gamesHidden Object House-1
448194 hits
Find all the objects hidden in the house. The faster you find them the high

Games - Easy Solitaire - free online gamesEasy Solitaire
426399 hits
A classical solitaire - arrange the cards in the four fields on top from Ac

Games - The Antique Store - free online gamesThe Antique Store
381401 hits
Try to find all the hidden objects before the time runs out. If you have di

Games - Mystery Case - The Lost Child - free online gamesMystery Case - The Lost Child
342891 hits
This is a sad story about a kidnapped child. The only way to find the child

Games - Hidden Objects Office - free online gamesHidden Objects Office
311194 hits
Find the objects from the list at the bottom of the screen, which are hidde

Games - Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes Museum - free online gamesMysteries of Sherlock Holmes Museum
283600 hits
This is a terrific hidden object game. Don’t miss the chance to solve the m

Games - Search Quest - free online gamesSearch Quest
279986 hits
Visit different places to find the hidden objects. Click on the objects to

Games - Cleaning Day at Alma Mater - free online gamesCleaning Day at Alma Mater
275756 hits
Today is cleaning day at the university. Help the students clean the librar

Games - Helen's Return from Africa - free online gamesHelen's Return from Africa
269979 hits
Helen is returning home from Africa where she spent a few years. Before she

Games - The Mysterious Hotel - free online gamesThe Mysterious Hotel
268387 hits
A compelling game in which you can choose between four different levels. Yo

Games - The Curse of the Amsterdam Diamond - free online gamesThe Curse of the Amsterdam Diamond
239811 hits
You are a tourist in Amsterdam - a city full of mysteries. Right after you

Games - Enigmatic Letter Story - free online gamesEnigmatic Letter Story
233126 hits
Have fun with this three in one hidden object game. Angela inherits the old

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Games - Hidden Journalist - Flash gamesHidden Journalist
4054 hits
This is a thrilling hidden object game. A journalist went missing while inv

Games - Mystery of the Hope Diamond - Flash gamesMystery of the Hope Diamond
5538 hits
The Hope diamond has been stolen and now you have to uncover all the clues

Games - Turbo Hidden Symbols - Flash gamesTurbo Hidden Symbols
3164 hits
Here is a great hidden object game. Your task is to reveal the symbols hidd

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