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In the Cards and dice Games category you will find games as solitaire, roulette, slot machines, keno, poker, black jack and similar games for you to have fun. The category Card and dice games are sorted by the date they were added to the site.

cards and dice games Viking Invasions Solitaire - igriViking Invasions Solitaire
1739 hits
This fun game offers excellent graphics and 60 levels. Join the Vikings and visit many medieval castles and countries. There are to types of
cards and dice games Magic Room Solitaire - igriMagic Room Solitaire
3320 hits
The game starts at twilight in an old house's magic room. Your goal is to remove all cards from the table. Collect the deck starting wi
cards and dice games Graffiti Solitaire - igriGraffiti Solitaire
2975 hits
You have to complete several levels in a row. But be patient. Each level is more difficult than the previous one. Your goal is to remove all
cards and dice games Golf Solitaire First Love - igriGolf Solitaire First Love
1225 hits
This Solitaire game has three modes of play. Remove cards with value one point below or one point above the underlying card. - Golf strict
cards and dice games Spades Spider Solitaire 2 - igriSpades Spider Solitaire 2
3413 hits
This is a classic spider solitaire game. The goal is to remove all decks of cards by arranging them from King to Ace. Stacks of properly arr
cards and dice games Castle Solitaire - igriCastle Solitaire
2346 hits
In this game you can visit 10 different castles and play a different solitaire game or discover the differences between pictures. In the sol
cards and dice games Snow White Solitaire - igriSnow White Solitaire
5782 hits
This game is a Solitaire. Try to arrange the cards. You can move consecutive cards over the previous one never mind the suit they are from.
cards and dice games Kitty Tripeaks - igriKitty Tripeaks
3145 hits
This game is for everyone with pets. This is a classical Tripeaks game. While their owners are at works the kittens have to arrange the card
cards and dice games Rummy - igriRummy
10461 hits
Rummy is a new version of the popular game Rummikub. You will play against the computer and you will win if you manage to clear all cards fr
cards and dice games Pyramid Solitaire - igriPyramid Solitaire
15132 hits
Go back to the Ancient world with this game of solitaire. Combine cards with collective value of 13 and try to remove all cards from the boa
cards and dice games Ancient China Solitaire - igriAncient China Solitaire
8746 hits
Here is a great solitaire game for you. Collect all the cards from the table. You can pick cards with equal value, 1 point less or 1 point h
cards and dice games Galactic Odyssey Solitaire - igriGalactic Odyssey Solitaire
4612 hits
You are the galactic Odysseus and travel around the galaxy. Move from planet to planet to get back to Earth where Penelope is waiting for yo
cards and dice games Tripeaks Mania 2 - igriTripeaks Mania 2
11384 hits
This is a classic game of tripeaks. Move the cards with value higher or lower from the card at the bottom. If you don’t have a suitable ca
cards and dice games Sunny Park Solitaire - igriSunny Park Solitaire
10180 hits
This is a version of the classic Solitaire game. You have to arrange all cards by selecting pairs with the same numbers. If you can’t find
cards and dice games Chinese Beauties - igriChinese Beauties
12580 hits
Play a Chinese game of cards against three amazing beauties. Consult the game help for the rules.
cards and dice games Easy Chess - igriEasy Chess
13511 hits
Easy chess? Is there really such a thing? Try to defeat the computer.
cards and dice games Solitaire Oldschool - igriSolitaire Oldschool
46041 hits
A classic old school solitaire. Arrange the cards in the 4 fields beginning with the Ace and finishing with the King. In the decks bellow th
cards and dice games Dice Mogul - igriDice Mogul
18257 hits
Click on the dice to get the number of squares you will move forward. If you find yourself on a square you can buy properties you can buy or
cards and dice games Spider solitaire - igriSpider solitaire
84543 hits
The popular Spider solitaire. You can choose among three levels of difficulty. In case you need, deal a row of the cards left.
cards and dice games Backgammon 2 - igriBackgammon 2
9367 hits
Another version of the popular backgammon game. The white pieces go first  from the menu you can choose which colour to start with. The c
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