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Here you can play 70 puzzle games.

You can find online puzzle games at m.lolygames.com. The games don’t require flash player. And can be played on all mobile devices.

In the puzzle games category you will find games where you have to arrange pieces, extra or missing elements, calculations and many more games where you can use your logic and react promptly. The games in the Puzzle and logic games category are organized by the date they were added to the site.

 Free online games: Asterix and Obelix PuzzleAsterix and Obelix Puzzle
806 hits
Here is a jigsaw puzzle with the pictures of Asterix, Obelix and their friends from teh forth movie in the series. Have fun with these funny
 Free online games: Antique Tour MahjongAntique Tour Mahjong
1700 hits
Do you like travelling? In this game you will travel around the world looking for antique treasures. Follow the magic map, which will show y
 Free online games: Cars-mirror- matchCars-mirror- match
992 hits
In this puzzle game you have to make the cars on the right side of the screen mirror the cars on the right side. The games gets progressivel
 Free online games: Gladiators of RomeGladiators of Rome
1146 hits
This is a memory puzzle game based on the Gladiator movie. Memorize the positions of the pairs of identical pictures and open them one by on
 Free online games: Fruit CheckFruit Check
1333 hits
Are you observant? Memorize where the bomb is and click to open the fruit pictures. If you click on pictures of the same fruit in a row you
 Free online games: Chicken Egg MatchChicken Egg Match
2385 hits
Try this puzzle game to test your skills. Change the places of the eggs so that you can match tri or more of the same kind vertically or hor
 Free online games: Chocolate FactoryChocolate Factory
1773 hits
Try to match at least three chocolates of the same kind in order to remove them from the field. On the left you will find some delicious cho
 Free online games: Chalk Period MahjongChalk Period Mahjong
1588 hits
Experience the urgent atmosphere of the Chalk Period - the Golden Age of huge reptiles and dinosaurs. This Mahjong game requires you to use
 Free online games: Discover JapanDiscover Japan
2728 hits
Discover Japan's beauty by completing the 15 levels, the 5 different types of Mahjong games and 3 different puzzle games. You will also
 Free online games: Towers of the WorldTowers of the World
1207 hits
Try to build a tower form the balls as tall as the one in the picture. The connections between the balls will appear automatically. Watch ou
 Free online games: Neptune Mahjong ConnectNeptune Mahjong Connect
1716 hits
Welcome to the kingdom of Neptune. Uncover sunken treasures, valuables and jewelry left from ancient civilizations. Remove all tiles from th
 Free online games: Kitty TownKitty Town
4747 hits
This is a magic town where only cats live. Help them reach the mouse town hidden under the tiles. Put three matching kittens together and th
 Free online games: 10 seconds10 seconds
1238 hits
Do you think being a railroad worker or a train driver is easy? Now is the time to find out. You have 10 seconds to move the arrows so that
 Free online games: Bolts and Blip PuzzleBolts and Blip Puzzle
1319 hits
Bolts and Blip Puzzle Game is a challenging game, on grounds of Canadian-Korean movie Bolts and Blip. These two small robots reside on the M
 Free online games: Lost JewelryLost Jewelry
10455 hits
This seemingly peaceful Caribbean island hides many secrets because conquistadors have hidden their treasures there. Now brave treasure hunt
 Free online games: Flower PuzzleFlower Puzzle
17425 hits
The evil witch has enchanted the meadow and the flowers can’t bloom because of the heavy tiles and chains. Help the fairy remove the spell
 Free online games: Light itLight it
2726 hits
Connect all the light bulbs to the main battery. Click on the cables to change their positions. After you light all bulbs you will progress
 Free online games: Mahjong-60Mahjong-60
5146 hits
This is a classical Mahjong game with 60 levels. You have to find the matching pairs of tiles and remove them. Available are only those tile
 Free online games: Golden SquirrelGolden Squirrel
8762 hits
This is a new Zuma game. This squirrel doesn’t care about nuts. It likes nibbling on gems because its fur gets golden then. Shoot along th
 Free online games: Moai MahjongMoai Mahjong
2984 hits
This is the popular Mahjong game but with Moai theme. Feel the glory of the ancient tribes on the Easter Islands. The gigantic stone Moai he
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