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Here you can play 70 puzzle games.

You can find online puzzle games at m.lolygames.com. The games don’t require flash player. And can be played on all mobile devices.

In the puzzle games category you will find games where you have to arrange pieces, extra or missing elements, calculations and many more games where you can use your logic and react promptly. The games in the Puzzle and logic games category are organized by the date they were added to the site.

 Free online games: Transformers 3Transformers 3
2537 hits
This game is a collection of pictures and puzzles and is based on the movie Transformers. The Dark Side of the Moon will take you to the exc
 Free online games: Time MahjongTime Mahjong
3568 hits
This is a Mahjong game with limited time. You have a countdown timer. Remove the identical tiles as fast as you can.
 Free online games: Fruit Match PuzzleFruit Match Puzzle
22646 hits
You are a farmer and your task is to collect fruit. Hurry up to pick the fruit because the time is limited and you should not lose the ripe
 Free online games: Black and White Mahjong 2Black and White Mahjong 2
12955 hits
Combine the black tiles with white tiles. Your goal is to remove al tiles from the board. You can change the background or reset the puzzle
 Free online games: Warehouse BricksWarehouse Bricks
6233 hits
This is a 3D Tetris game. Help the production line worker arrange the bricks that come down the line. When you get a row it disappears form
 Free online games: Jolly Roger MahjongJolly Roger Mahjong
7898 hits
You have an old map, which shows the way to a pirate treasure. Solve puzzles and travel through the deserted island full of dangerous advent
 Free online games: J'aime mahjong your levelsJ'aime mahjong your levels
12163 hits
Here is a mahjong game, which you can customize. There are 85 different variations of the game and if you want you can create a variation of
 Free online games: Тhe Mysteries of PersiaТhe Mysteries of Persia
41698 hits
Are you ready for adventures in ancient Persia? This game is just for you. Match the jewels in groups of three or more. You have 80 levels,
 Free online games: Bubble Shooter 2Bubble Shooter 2
8329 hits
In this game you will see a group of bubbles rotating around the central axis. Aim at bubbles of the same color to get groups of three or mo
 Free online games: Winter MahjongWinter Mahjong
8173 hits
This is a classical winter themed mahjong. Try to clear all the tiles form the board. You can clear tiles with no other tiles on top or on t
 Free online games: Snow QueenSnow Queen
28838 hits
The Snow Queen has frozen all the animals. Your job in this game is to release them. Exchange the places of the crystals to make horizontal
 Free online games: Virus Go AwayVirus Go Away
6290 hits
Kill all the viruses before they get to the upper end of the screen. Click on the groups of three or more viruses of the same color and they
 Free online games: Bubble FactorBubble Factor
8966 hits
Match the faces of the clubbers by three to take them out of the game. Watch out not to get smashed by the ceiling.
 Free online games: Christmas MahjongChristmas Mahjong
9522 hits
Christmas Mahjong is an exciting Christmas themed game. Find the matching tiles and click on them to take them out. When you clear away all
 Free online games: Al Capone MahjongAl Capone Mahjong
8718 hits
This is a version of the ancient game mahjong. On the tiles you can see gangster items. Click on matching tiles to clear them. You will win
 Free online games: Golden Autumn MahjongGolden Autumn Mahjong
19390 hits
Click on the mahjong tile and move it to another one with the same pattern. If you manage to arrange them next to each other they will disap
 Free online games: Construction AcademyConstruction Academy
7095 hits
Learn how to construct. Make your own construction by arranging the blocks form the top of the screen. Build them in such way that the archi
 Free online games: Children's LogicChildren's Logic
11349 hits
This is a great game of logic. While playing it you improve your logic, thought, imagination and memory. You will learn the colors, go throu
 Free online games: Angkor QuestAngkor Quest
23027 hits
This is a puzzle game with excellent graphics. Try to solve the puzzle of the Angkor ruins. Arrange the identical figures in a triangle. To
 Free online games: Funny Hiddens-BearFunny Hiddens-Bear
30479 hits
This game combines for different types of games - puzzle arranging; finding the differences between the pictures and hidden objects. Have fu
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