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In the Action games category you will find Free action games battle games, shooting games, aircraft games and will have to be fast and precise. Shoot guns, machine guns, drive different war machines and fly a plane. The games in the Action games online category are organized by the date they were added to the site.

Flash game: Extreme RobotsExtreme Robots
848 hits
This is an extreme game with fighting robots. Your goal is to destroy all the robots in your way. Find your route to the next level. Upgrade
Flash game: F 16 AttackF 16 Attack
789 hits
You are a F-16 pilot on a mission. Your goal is to destroy all fighter planes, helicopters and the enemy air force defense. As you progress
Flash game: Ben 10 Air StrikesBen 10 Air Strikes
1031 hits
Ben finds himself in an alien world and has to save the Earth by destroying the aliens’ space station. Your task is to destroy all planes
Flash game: Transformers Take DownTransformers Take Down
2293 hits
Help Opitmus Prime and Bumblebee save the Earth from the evil Decepticons, who are about to attack the planet again.
Flash game: US Combat OperationUS Combat Operation
2693 hits
The operation has just started. You have to destroy the targets. The time is limited and you need to fit within it otherwise you get killed.
Flash game: Medieval Archer 2Medieval Archer 2
2132 hits
Have you ever tried archery? Now is the time. Hit the target bearing in mind the direction and speed of the wind and the weight of the arrow
Flash game: Paper BattlePaper Battle
2170 hits
Shoot all your opponents in order to win the battle. Earn dollars to upgrade your gun and your skills. Shoot with the mouse and move with th
Flash game: Paper, Don't MovePaper, Don't Move
6233 hits
Help! The garbage attacks! Try to shoot all papers and garbage that are trying to cover you. Shoot with the mouse and reload with the R key
Flash game: Massive Tank AttackMassive Tank Attack
5351 hits
Massive Tank Attack is a great game for military game fans. You drive the tank and have to destroy every other tank in your way. Good luck!
Flash game: Sharp TriggerSharp Trigger
5759 hits
You are on a rescue mission behind enemy lines. Eliminate the enemy and save your friends who are kept prisoners.
Flash game: Battle Bugs AttackBattle Bugs Attack
3537 hits
Your task in this game is to protect the food from the attacking insects. You can buy five different weapons. Put them in the special holder
Flash game: PilotPilot
3353 hits
You are a pilot and your mission is to protect the country from the enemy. Destroy the invaders and protect the skies over your land. Good l
Flash game: Lost Nuke 2Lost Nuke 2
3528 hits
Nuke is in a tough situation once again. He has to destroy the invaders and progress to the next level where he will meet the invaders’ b
Flash game: Combat collegeCombat college
3679 hits
In this action game your task is to defeat everyone who attacks you. In each level you will meet lots of enemies and in the end you will mee
Flash game: Lost NukeLost Nuke
4135 hits
In this game with great graphics you are looking for a lost nuclear bomb. The little green jelly things are just the beginning of what’s t
Flash game: Clear Skies Elite WW IIClear Skies Elite WW II
3283 hits
You are a pilot of a fighter plane. You have to complete different missions set by your commander. They could be escorting planes or destroy
Flash game: Kill GoreKill Gore
6569 hits
The bull is back at the slaughterhouse and is seeking revenge. Can the bull defeat everyone who gets in his way?
Flash game: Skies of WarSkies of War
8400 hits
You are 28 years old and the enemy is still in your lands. In this military game you are a pilot from the Revolutionary army. You have to ha
Flash game: GladiatorGladiator
8522 hits
You are the gladiator Maximus, trained at the gladiator school of the Dacians. Today you are summoned to entertain the crowd in Rome. Defeat
Flash game: Paintball BabesPaintball Babes
5588 hits
Paintball Babes is a fast action shooting game. Grab your paintball gun and fend off the bikini clad babes in this brand new viral game for
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