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In the category Coloring games you will find games where you color a picture. Select your favorite colors and fill the fields in the pictures. The games in the Coloring games section are ordered by the date they were added to the site and the latest Coloring games are on top. Browse the pages back if your favorite game is not on the current page.

game: The Smurfs Characters ColoringThe Smurfs Characters Coloring
1068 hits
What could be more fun than a meeting with our old friends the Smurfs. Say hi to these lovely characters and color them to your liking. Have
game: Baby Shih TzuBaby Shih Tzu
2222 hits
Dogs are people’s best friends. We adore them. In this game you have to color this little dog out for a walk in the park. Have fun!
game: Color Selena and BieberColor Selena and Bieber
1509 hits
Now you have the chance to color Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber before their big concert. Have fun coloring your favorite stars.
game: Field of FlowersField of Flowers
2060 hits
Color this lovely landscape of the filed of flowers, and the rainbow over the windmill. At the end don’t forget to print your masterpiece.
game: Easter Bunny ColoringEaster Bunny Coloring
5290 hits
What are the most popular Easter things? The Easter bunny and the cute little chickens of course. In this game you can color choosing from 6
game: Rango Coloring GameRango Coloring Game
4162 hits
Express your artistic skills. This game is based on the animated film Rango, in which the main character is a funny little chameleon named R
game: Color My Wedding CakeColor My Wedding Cake
8974 hits
It’s your best friend’s wedding. Color the most beautiful wedding cake for the happiest day of her life.
game: Pom Pom Cheerleader ColoringPom Pom Cheerleader Coloring
6058 hits
Pom Pom is a cheerleader. Color her in the most beautiful flowers. Use different colors and make her look great.
game: Color the DalmatiansColor the Dalmatians
15125 hits
The two puppies have found your favorite paints. Color the puppies and find out what they have done. Choose the colors you like and print th
game: Color the roosterColor the rooster
8390 hits
Paint this drawing of a rooster to make it a colorful splendour which everyone will enjoy.
game: Moon Fairy ColoringMoon Fairy Coloring
11951 hits
Play this game of color. Color the fairy, the moon and the stars by selecting the best colors.
game: Jonas Brothers ColoringJonas Brothers Coloring
5633 hits
Color your favorite band Jonas Brothers. Choose the best colors to make the boys look good
game: Colour the jungleColour the jungle
10226 hits
You are in the jungle among palms, monkeys, lions and parrots. Use the colour pens to make a splendid picture of the animals.
game: Colour Hannah MontanaColour Hannah Montana
8491 hits
Colour Hannah Montana and her friends. Select the best hues for their clothes. Play with the mouse. Click on the colour of your choice and t
game: Christmas ColoringChristmas Coloring
8354 hits
Have a great colourful Christmas! Use the brush and colour all Christmas decorations around.
game: Colour the bugsColour the bugs
6766 hits
Have fun and colour these sweet bugs in colours of your choice
game: Garden Girl PaintingGarden Girl Painting
7961 hits
Play this cool game in which you colour the little girl’s clothes, hair, shoes and have fun.
game: Bear FamilyBear Family
7906 hits
Meet the cute bear family that lives in the forest. Use the paintbrush and choose the right colours for the bears and the surrounding enviro
game: AquariumAquarium
8649 hits
Use the brush and the palette to create your own water world by colouring this aquarium. Have fun!
game: H2O ColoringH2O Coloring
16042 hits
The three mermaids live deep down in the ocean. Colour them in suitable colours by using the mouse and the paint palette.
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