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Free flash games - Diamond BoxDiamond Box
804 hits
In this game you have to put all the diamonds in the treasure box. Move the cannon with the arrow keys and set the shooting strength by slid
Free flash games - FantasticoFantastico
733 hits
Fantastico is a fun game, in which you have to feed jelly to the cartoon characters. If you do that successfully you will progress to the ne
Free flash games - RuderRuder
972 hits
Ruder is a fun game in which you can apply your physics knowledge. Shoot the cannon at the color figures until they blend with the large fig
Free flash games - Rebuild the TempleRebuild the Temple
934 hits
Remove the stone blocks form the temple without destroying it. Click on the blocks until all of them are beneath the horizontal line. Don�
Free flash games - Nimble Mario 2Nimble Mario 2
1045 hits
Help Nimble Mario on his way. Collect the coins and find the keys to the doors. Use your cunning mind to find the secret passage.
Free flash games - Barbie school FunBarbie school Fun
996 hits
Help Barbie find the way to school. Choose the right moment to get her on the platform to the next floor. You have three lives for every lev
Free flash games - Spacemen Journey 2Spacemen Journey 2
805 hits
You are a space explorer and you have just found a new planet. Your goal is to explore it. Move very carefully. Collect as many oxygen bottl
Free flash games - Galactic SpinnerGalactic Spinner
1247 hits
Here is a new space bubble arcade game. Travel through the mysterious galaxy, discover new planets and enjoy the lovely colors of faraway ne
Free flash games - Urban ThrillUrban Thrill
894 hits
Everyone can practice freerun as long as they are quick and strong. Travel all around the world. Practice this sport in some of the most fam
Free flash games - Lost AnimalsLost Animals
1390 hits
Did you pay attention in physics class at school? Now we will find out. Animals have escaped from the zoo and you have to help the zookeeper
Free flash games - Mario Fun RideMario Fun Ride
1784 hits
In this game Super Mario rides a motorbike. Help him complete all levels. Each level has a different theme. Collect coins for a higher ratin
Free flash games - Multi PinballMulti Pinball
1398 hits
Do you remember the pinball game we once played at fairs? This is the electronic version of the game. It has three levels. Try to send the b
Free flash games - Sisi, the Mice Catcher!Sisi, the Mice Catcher!
1269 hits
Try this funny and exciting game and help Sisi catch as many mice as possible and become the best Mice Catcher in the realm. Click on the mo
Free flash games - Mario Meets PeachMario Meets Peach
1936 hits
Help Mario meet his love Peach. Collect the hearts on your way. Watch out when you jump. The obstacles are fun but also dangerous. Have fun!
Free flash games - City DartsCity Darts
1279 hits
Are you good at geography? Now is the time to use your knowledge. Throw the darts at the capitals of Europe. The closer to the city you send
Free flash games - RicochetRicochet
7162 hits
Make the perfect shot! Try to take out as many enemies as you can with one ricocheted shot. Good Luck!
Free flash games - In The BucketIn The Bucket
2858 hits
Did you study for your physics classes in school? Well you should’ve. In this game you have to apply your physics knowledge. Try to put th
Free flash games - Cannon VentureCannon Venture
3312 hits
Do you think it’s easy to burst a balloon with a cannon? Aim carefully and shot. If you manage to burst all the balloons you will get to t
Free flash games - Forest FidgetForest Fidget
3761 hits
This little forest elf is out collecting fruits. Help him collect all the fruits. Drag the mouse to the fruit you want to collect. The game
Free flash games - Cupid’s arrowsCupid’s arrows
4751 hits
In this game you have to use Cupid’s arrows to shoot at the hearts. When you make a row of three or more they will disappear. Play with th
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