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In the Cooking games category you will find Cooking games for girls, including cooking meals, poultry, salads, cakes, pastries. Games for serving prepared food. If you love cooking and eating, these games are the right for you. The online gamesin the cooking games are arranged by the order in which they were added and on the top are the latest cooking games. Browse the pages back if you don’t find your favourite game on the current page.

igri - Cooking games: Wedding Cake ContestWedding Cake Contest
830 hits
In this game you take part in a wedding cake contest. Make the cake shown in the sample as quickly as possible. If you can do that you will
igri - Cooking games: Hamburger King ContestHamburger King Contest
659 hits
You are the king of the hamburgers! In this game you will play against the computer. To progress to the next level prepare your hamburger fa
igri - Cooking games: Best Ever Banana SplitsBest Ever Banana Splits
676 hits
Make a wonderful banana split by filling in the sliced in halves bananas with ice-cram, chocolate, crashed nuts and cream! This is the best
igri - Cooking games: Princess Castle CakePrincess Castle Cake
563 hits
Have you ever wanted to get a cake in the shape of a princess castle for you birthday? Now you have this opportunity. Have fun preparing the
igri - Cooking games: Romantic DinnerRomantic Dinner
829 hits
This couple is out for a romantic dinner. Your task is to set their table. Make sure they spend a wonderful romantic evening at your restaur
igri - Cooking games: Spaghetti surpriseSpaghetti surprise
758 hits
Spaghetti surprise is a cooking game, in which your task is to make the most delicious spaghetti meal. Choose a plate, select the kind of pa
igri - Cooking games: Lily’s Caramel PopcornLily’s Caramel Popcorn
615 hits
These are Lily's caramel popcorn. The recipe is also perfect for a snack at home. You can eat them in front of the TV or while watching
igri - Cooking games: Elsa's Wedding CakeElsa's Wedding Cake
725 hits
Elsa is busy in the kitchen finishing a wedding cake but she needs creative assistance for the final touches. Help Elsa make one of the most
igri - Cooking games: Epic chocolate pieEpic chocolate pie
760 hits
If you like chocolate this game is just for you. Prepare a delicious chocolate pie and garnish it with candy, fruit or anything else to your
igri - Cooking games: Chocolate WafflesChocolate Waffles
864 hits
There's nothing better than making a delicious breakfast for your friends. Today is your lucky day because you get to learn a fantastic
igri - Cooking games: Super Bowl Chicken WingsSuper Bowl Chicken Wings
829 hits
James has invited his friends to watch the Super Bowl and his girlfriend has decided to make delicious chicken wings. James gives her some q
igri - Cooking games: Double Raspberry Sorbet!Double Raspberry Sorbet!
984 hits
There's nothing better than a cold fruit dessert on a hot summer day. Right? Then how about learning a secret - the secret for preparin
igri - Cooking games: The Steak HouseThe Steak House
1015 hits
In this game you will learn how to make legendary steak. First season the juicy freshly cut steak with oil and spices. Then prepare the side
igri - Cooking games: Asian Slaw RecipeAsian Slaw Recipe
816 hits
Every year at school Amelia has cooking classes. The students have to prepare a tasty dish and the teacher chooses the best one. The prize f
igri - Cooking games: Small Strawberry TartsSmall Strawberry Tarts
1106 hits
I love strawberry tarts especially homemade. Here I will show you a recipe for a great homemade strawberry tart. Follow the instructions and
igri - Cooking games: Spicy Pecan Popcorn ChickenSpicy Pecan Popcorn Chicken
1155 hits
Here is a great recipe for spicy chicken with pecans and corn. Mix the ingredients according to the instructions and coat the chicken pieces
igri - Cooking games: Kiki Cooking Formal Table SettingKiki Cooking Formal Table Setting
1265 hits
In today’s busy world of fast food restaurants and TV dinners it’s easy to forget how to set the table for a formal dinner. This game is
igri - Cooking games: Colonel chickenColonel chicken
1338 hits
We offer you a new recipe for fried chicken from our virtual kitchen. This time it is minced chicken. Follow the recipe strictly and the arr
igri - Cooking games: Ice Cream PuffsIce Cream Puffs
1174 hits
It’s time to prepare some delicious ice-cream puffs for your family and friends. You can choose different flavors, color and toppings but
igri - Cooking games: Turtle Cake CookingTurtle Cake Cooking
1711 hits
Your boyfriend is coming to visit you. Hurry up and prepare a delicious cake for him. Let’s not forget that men love good food and the cak
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