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In the Cooking games category you will find Cooking games for girls, including cooking meals, poultry, salads, cakes, pastries. Games for serving prepared food. If you love cooking and eating, these games are the right for you. The online gamesin the cooking games are arranged by the order in which they were added and on the top are the latest cooking games. Browse the pages back if you don’t find your favourite game on the current page.

igri - Cooking games: Cook Cupcake and CandyCook Cupcake and Candy
16655 hits
Every kid loves cupcakes and candy. In this game you will learn how to cook them. Have fun!
igri - Cooking games: Incredible CookingIncredible Cooking
7009 hits
Sissy and Toto are going to spend the afternoon in the kitchen trying to learn some cooking. Enjoy the game in which you have to prepare a f
igri - Cooking games: Christmas BiscuitsChristmas Biscuits
19881 hits
Today Sarah will teach you how to make delicious Christmas biscuits. You will get instructions at each stage of the preparation. You get som
igri - Cooking games: Ultimate Sweets MakerUltimate Sweets Maker
17983 hits
Play this amazing sweet decoration game. Try to create unique and delicious cakes, sundaes and cookies. Drag and drop the ingredients.
igri - Cooking games: Gold Medal CookGold Medal Cook
33365 hits
Mathew has a gold medal in cooking. He has great cooking skills and is called the Golden Cook. Help him serve the customers and keep his nic
igri - Cooking games: Cooking Show – LasagnaCooking Show – Lasagna
36045 hits
Our Cooking Show chef is back with new recipes. Now you will learn to prepare the best Italian Vegetarian Lasagna.
igri - Cooking games: Cooking Show - Sushi RollsCooking Show - Sushi Rolls
24232 hits
The new Cooking Show class is here. Today you will learn how to prepare perfect sushi rolls by an original Japanese recipe. Follow the instr
igri - Cooking games: Cooking Show - Russian SaladCooking Show - Russian Salad
14997 hits
Everyone likes salads. Today you have the chance to learn how prepare a delicious salad. The Cooking Show’s own cook will show you how to
igri - Cooking games: Cooking Show - Chicken Fried RiceCooking Show - Chicken Fried Rice
26228 hits
Another Cooking Show, another recipe, another lesson… just like the other games of the series. Today’s special is Chicken Fried Rice, a
igri - Cooking games: Cooking Show - Banana PancakesCooking Show - Banana Pancakes
20934 hits
If you ever wandered how to prepare delicious banana pancakes, now is the time to learn. Our old friend the cook is ready to teach you. In t
igri - Cooking games: Cooking Show – Delicious breadrolls Cooking Show – Delicious breadrolls
12746 hits
Welcome to the Cooking Show. In this game you will learn how to prepare delicious breadrolls.
igri - Cooking games: Making ChocolateMaking Chocolate
19438 hits
Prepare chocolate truffles for you loved one. When you are ready put them in a chocolate box. This will be your gift for him on St. Valentin
igri - Cooking games: Pizza MakingPizza Making
26593 hits
Are you ready to make money from baking pizza? In this game you will learn how to prepare pizza. The beginning is easy but the more pizzas y
igri - Cooking games: My Little BakeryMy Little Bakery
12570 hits
You own a small bakery. Make cakes, muffins, biscuits, buns and cookies. First choose what you are going to prepare and start decorating it
igri - Cooking games: Happy CookingHappy Cooking
19238 hits
In this game you have 5 cooking recipes. Prepare each of them by mixing the ingredients in a bowl as fast as possible.
igri - Cooking games: HK CafeHK Cafe
14373 hits
You work at a café. Prepare the food quickly and feed the hungry customers
igri - Cooking games: Cake MasterCake Master
14564 hits
You are a chef in your own bakery and you have to decorate cakes for your customers. Follow the instructions and decorate as many cakes as p
igri - Cooking games: Frosty FreakoutFrosty Freakout
6929 hits
Try to make as much ice cream as possible. Follow the recipes and work quickly.
igri - Cooking games: French Bread PizzaFrench Bread Pizza
14971 hits
Learn how to make French Bread Pizza following a real French recipe.
igri - Cooking games: Happy PancakeHappy Pancake
5524 hits
Playing this game you can make the most delicious pancakes ever and decorate them with fruit, creams and syrups to achieve divine taste
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