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Free flash games online: Careless ArtistCareless Artist
319 hits
Careless Artist is cute hide and seek game by Gamefalls. Help maestro to find all objects necessary for drawing on the first level, look for
Free flash games online: Kids Bike WashKids Bike Wash
682 hits
Ryan is a huge fan of bicycle races. After the latest competition his bike is awfully dirty and it needs a good scrub. Help Ryan wash his bi
Free flash games online: Yellow Bus KissYellow Bus Kiss
10182 hits
The back seats of the school bus are a great place for secret kissing. Try to kiss during the ride without being spotted by the driver or an
Free flash games online: Where is my blanket?Where is my blanket?
16712 hits
Help the little bunny to get his blanket. Look at the scene. What can you do to help the bunny get his blanket back?
Free flash games online: Magical BroomMagical Broom
10303 hits
This little girl has been playing all day long her favorite computer games and has forgotten to clean the house and her parents will be home
Free flash games online: Rail Of WarRail Of War
6698 hits
This exciting game features battle missions on the most famous armored train. Guide your train to face the enemy, which is invading your ter
Free flash games online: Animals Christmas PartyAnimals Christmas Party
4993 hits
Santa Claus and his friends the animals are having a Christmas party. They need your help to decorate and colour the place. Do your best so
Free flash games online: A different teddy bearA different teddy bear
10335 hits
Are you payin close attention? Try to find the different teddy. You have to pass 10 levels for 2 minutes each. When you progress to the next
Free flash games online: Christmas BellsChristmas Bells
3863 hits
Compose your own Christmas tune by using the Christmas bells.
Free flash games online: Corporate fishingCorporate fishing
4709 hits
The employees at a large corporation are extremely bored. Try to catch them with the fishing stick and rescue them from their boring job.
Free flash games online: FishermanFisherman
9941 hits
Once upon a time an old fisherman lived on the seashore. He was very poor and only had an old boat and a fishing stick. Help the old fisherm
Free flash games online: Harry Potter & Marauder's MapHarry Potter & Marauder's Map
18527 hits
Help Harry Potter make his way to Hogwarts and Azkaban following the Marauder’s Map.
Free flash games online: Feed the CubsFeed the Cubs
4758 hits
The three little animals are hungry. Drag the food they want and be careful not to pick the wrong meal.
Free flash games online: Brock Flower PickingBrock Flower Picking
5249 hits
Help the little bee collect all the flowers in the garden. Move the bee around to pick flowers of the same colour. Be careful not to mix flo
Free flash games online: SwineFighterSwineFighter
4065 hits
Be a hero! Help fight the pandemia of Swine Flu by giving injection to as many pigs as you can!
Free flash games online: The skeleton puppetThe skeleton puppet
9886 hits
Check out how many different poses can the skeleton make if there weren’t any limits to the joint movements. Try different positions and t
Free flash games online: BubblesBubbles
7896 hits
You are a larger bubble and you have to collect the smaller bubbles and avoid the spiky bubbles. The more bubbles you collect the bigger you
Free flash games online: Sue’s FarmSue’s Farm
10061 hits
You have a potato farm. Water the potatoes regularly until they are ripe. Collect them, fill the machine and make chips.
Free flash games online: Prison BreakPrison Break
8798 hits
You are a prisoner and want to escape, choose the best way out. The game is based on the TV show Prison Break. Use the arrow keys to move, c
Free flash games online: Cowboys saloon shootoutCowboys saloon shootout
3835 hits
Gangsters are attacking the local pub. You are the sheriff and have to save the pub by shooting the attackers.
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