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In the Action games category you will find Free action games battle games, shooting games, aircraft games and will have to be fast and precise. Shoot guns, machine guns, drive different war machines and fly a plane. The games in the Action games online category are organized by the date they were added to the site.

Flash game: The InfectionThe Infection
3148 hits
An infection has broken out in a lab. You investigate the case. Can you handle the infected lab rats? Good luck.
Flash game: Wizard DefenseWizard Defense
10504 hits
You are a great wizard and have to save the village from the attacking enemy. The enemy is high in numbers, so can you make it? Good luck.
Flash game: Counter StrikeCounter Strike
7583 hits
This is a light training session for a big game  Counter Strike. Shoot the enemies attacking you from all sides.
Flash game: SkywarriorSkywarrior
3913 hits
You are a fighter-pilot in World War II. You have to do everything possible to defeat the Nazis in air combat and become the best fighter. M
Flash game: Roly-Poly CannonRoly-Poly Cannon
9589 hits
Are you a fan of ballistics? The get the gun and try to destroy all the hidden devils on all levels. Can you make it? Play with the mouse. P
Flash game: Duck HuntingDuck Hunting
5145 hits
You are duck hunting. Aim accurately and shoot because the ducks are angry and will bite you!
Flash game: Air AttackAir Attack
5723 hits
Defend the fortress form the air attacks of the enemy. Collect the weapons, which drop from the airplane and use them. Bring the airplanes d
Flash game: Destruction - The Last FightDestruction - The Last Fight
2476 hits
The enemy is at the gates of the city. You have to make all you can to stop them. It’s up to you not to let the foreign army overtake the
Flash game: Air patrolAir patrol
4514 hits
You are a pilot and have to guard the air space from you enemy’s aircrafts. Shoot with the mouse and drop the rockets with the spacebar. Y
Flash game: Drunken shootingDrunken shooting
8765 hits
How would you manage to shoot the cans after several drinks of whiskey? Now you can find out. How are you doing? Next time try when you’re
Flash game: Protector of the CastleProtector of the Castle
4433 hits
Stop the invaders from capturing the Castle of King Arthur. Shoot with the bow, but watch out not to shoot the monks.
Flash game: Shoot the flyShoot the fly
2074 hits
Use your gun to shoot the maddening bugs /flies/ that fly around. Shoot the targets and try not to miss.
Flash game: Storm BoatStorm Boat
3736 hits
You are an officer on a battleship during the war in Vietnam. Your missions are different but the goal is clear  survive in the bloodbath
Flash game: Desert FireDesert Fire
3029 hits
You are a helicopter pilot and are on a special mission over a terrorist camp. Destroy the terrorists and save the peaceful inhabitants.
Flash game: Star WingsStar Wings
2672 hits
A crazy space shooter with a strange mission and a gun. Move with the mouse and shoot with left mouse button.
Flash game: Zenon MegablastZenon Megablast
2306 hits
Your galaxy is attacked by invaders form outer space. You have to protect it. Get to the end of the round by destroying as many invaders as
Flash game: Orion’s swordOrion’s sword
2578 hits
Fly the spaceship, fight the enemy and collect bonuses. Use the arrow keys to move and the spacebar to shoot.
Flash game: Cowboy schoolCowboy school
3215 hits
Try to shoot all targets, which pop around you. Don’t forget to reload. Every time you miss you lose a life.
Flash game: Rescue missionRescue mission
2872 hits
Shoot your enemies in order to save the hostages. Move with the arrow keys. Point and shoot with the mouse
Flash game: Zombie attackZombie attack
3641 hits
Shoot the zombies, which attack you. After each level you get different upgrades. To reload click with the mouse on the stack of bullets in
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