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In the Action games category you will find Free action games battle games, shooting games, aircraft games and will have to be fast and precise. Shoot guns, machine guns, drive different war machines and fly a plane. The games in the Action games online category are organized by the date they were added to the site.

Flash game: Dragon’s JourneyDragon’s Journey
3045 hits
Your eggs are lost. Get quickly after the creature which stole them in order to rescue your eggs. Watch out for the obstacles on your way.
Flash game: Paw Paw MiawPaw Paw Miaw
1941 hits
This exciting game lets you choose a fight cat and win the battle. You can select the battlegrounds. There is a 2player option to play with
Flash game: Ninja ShowdownNinja Showdown
3480 hits
Choose your ninja. Fight bravely with your opponents. Watch out not to get yourself killed.
Flash game: Dangerous PracticeDangerous Practice
3691 hits
The bomb is activated. Solve the puzzles to deactivate it!
Flash game: PanicPanic
1616 hits
Collect all bombs before the time is up in this super dynamic game. You jump using the spacebar, you move with the left and right arrow keys
Flash game: NailsNails
6009 hits
Hammer as much nails as possible before the time runs out. Be careful not to crash your fingers. It hurts!
Flash game: Wild WestWild West
3938 hits
Do you want to put a small town in order? Chase away the bandits. Use your favorite gun and rely on your calmness and well-aimed shots. Relo
Flash game: Under attackUnder attack
2476 hits
Underwater shooting. You guide a submarine and the aim of the game is to blow up the ships passing by. Put a coin in the machine. Use the
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